Bluefin heartbreak

Photo Credit: Markus

by Markus Medak
(619) 223-1627

After listening to reports of excellent action on the grounds during our 1/2 day in at the dock, we were excited to get back out on the grounds in the hopes of the action continuing.  Unfortunately, the bluefin where back to their old tricks and were quite reluctant to bite.  We saw numerous schools of 30# fish and scratched up half a dozen of them out of various stops.  In the afternoon the bigger fish showed and we hooked a handful of 60-70# fish in a foamer.  The odds weren’t with us and we only landed a single one in the 70# class.

The heartbreak of the day happened shortly  later when Jim Wright hooked a jumbo in a massive foamer on a sardine.  He valiantly fought the fish for nearly 2 hours on 60# until it got tail wrapped and kicked the line in one of its final circles less than 20 feet from the boat.  The tuna looked to  be in the 170# class and illustrated once again that if you can’t hook 150#+ bft on at least 80# your odds of success start diminishing rapidly.  We did hook one other large fish on kite, but bad luck caught up with us on that one also as the fish line tangled with the kite and cut the spectra.  I’d say the fish won this round!

Nonetheless, it was a beautiful day at sea, there were lots of fish to try for, and now we all have a couple more fish stories!

It looks like there will be good bft fishing this year, I think the only unknown is when that will.

We are hoping for tomorrow as we leave tonight on an overnight trip.


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