Yellowfin Tuna in our future?

by Andrew Viola
(619) 224-3383

Captain Andrew Viola checked in with an audio report for the Prowler out of Seaforth Sportfishing in Mission Bay.  We returned this morning from a 1.5 day trip.  We caught 13 Kelp Paddy Yellowtail (5 to 12 pounds).  We did have some good sign of Bluefin Tuna but we could not get them to bite.  In addition, we have a decent show on the Yellowfin Tuna.  There were two good spots that showed up today.  It was clear day as we say jumping Yellowfin Tuna.  This is a very good sign of things to come.  We also caught 10 Bonito for the day.

We are online for 1.5 day trips tonight and Friday night.  Book online at Prowler Sportfishing or Seaforth Sportfshing.  You can also call Seaforth directly at (619) 224-3383,

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Captain Andrew Viola
Seaforth Sportfishing
San Diego, CA

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