Rockfish Limits up the Coast!

Photo Credit: Coral Sea

by Jamie Diamond
(805) 886-0454


3/4-day open party, Merit McCrea here.

We're yawing our way back down coast with 25 happy anglers having caught full limits of rockfish. I'm always impressed by how much more the coast produces in rockfish compared to back in the day. 

We started our fishing just more than an hour out and worked our way westward throughout our fishing day, spot to spot. All produced at least a few fish, including some nice reds along with bocaccio on the deeper spots -- 300 feet or so. Coppers came from slightly shallower zones. We also decended quite a few 3/4-pound chillies along the way, releasing them. About our 3rd or 4th stop in, the bite went wide, and we held over the rock for perhaps 45 minutes straight before those chillies got so thick we had to move on again. 


The final mix was about even between reds, bocaccio, coppers and boscos. The big fish contest ended up quite close between several 5 or 6 pound coppers.

So, 250 rockfish for 25, plus a bunch of smaller ones sent back down on the descender.

The Coral Sea has lots of room 3/4 day fishing Monday-Wednesday, and the Stardust has very light loads 1/2 day fishing for calico and Sand Bass those same days. Please make reservations now 806-963-3564 or book online from our website.

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Coral Sea

Captains Jason Diamond
Rafa Garcia
Sea Landing
Santa Barbara, CA

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