The Big ones are back!

by H&M Landing
(619) 222-1144

Captain Kley on the Old Glory has called in with 11 Bluefin and 3 Yellowfin.  The fishing is picking up so Captain Kley put a will run for tonight's overnight.  It is a very light load departing tonight at 9 PM.  Overnight

The Reel Champion had an awesome day they caught LIMITS of Bluefin tuna one weighed in at a whopping 250 pounds they also caught LIMITS of Yellowfin tuna up to 50 pounds!

Bring a variety of tackle from light to heavy gear.  The Tuna are any where between 20-200+ pounds!

The Grande is at the Coronado Islands today pickin' away at the Yellows!

The Ranger 85 checked in with 4 Bluefin to 190 lbs.

The Top Gun 80 came in today with some slugs! The largest were 191 and 215! After the fish had been gilled and gutted! All the fish were caught on Flat fall and Fall flat jigs! Fish the gray, fish deep, and hold on!


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