Taking care of our future

by Ernie Prieto
(760) 966-0111

Not only does the Oceanside Sea Center like to catch fish but we also work for the future of our oceans for many generations to come to enjoy. The Sea Star the past two days has been working with the Coastal Anglers Fishing Cooperative. The program is administered and carried out by the marine biologists at Scripps Institute of Oceanography in San Diego. Local anglers volunteer to participate along with the Scripps scientists. This is an annual program conducted along the entire California coast to help measure the effectiveness of the Marine Protected Areas that have been created. As the fish counts show the Sea Star was able to tag hundreds of local fish and many species. This data will be collected by anglers like you and me when we catch a tagged fish and report it back to Cooperative Fish Tagging. Today they tagged many species which included calico bass, sand bass, whitefish, sheephead, 2 very large halibut which weighed approximately 30+ lbs apiece and 2 thresher sharks. Projects like this will help maintain the abundance of our local waters for future generations to enjoy. 

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Sea Star

Captain Joe Cacciola
Oceanside Sea Center
Oceanside, CA

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