Saturday report

by Seaforth Staff
(619) 224-3383

The SEA WATCH caught 104 Yellowtail, 1 Bluefin tuna and 48 Calico bass for their Coronado Island full day trip. The Yellowtail are biting fly-lined sardines and surface iron. Sunday and Monday full day trips aboard the SEA WATCH depart at 5:30am and require a valid passport for all passengers.

The AZTEC reported in with 100 Yellowtail and 15 Dorado for his 20 passenger overnight charter.

The TOMAHAWK, with Captain Jeff Spafford at the helm, kicked off the 1st day of a two day trip with an early morning kelp paddy for 25 Dorado. By the afternoon they had bumped it up to 36 Dorado and added 7 Yellowfin and a couple of Skipjack.

The TRIBUTE had 40 Dorado and 10 Yellowtail for their overnight trip.

The PROWLER's 1.5 day has 90 Yellowtail, 7 Dorado and 1 Yellowfin with some fish hanging. They are at it until sundown. Stay tuned!

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