Summer/Fall 1.5 & 2 day trips sponsored by Izorline

by Stan Nowak
(619) 224-3383

Izorline Fishing Products has sponsored some primetime trips aboard Tomahawk!! Izorline Fishing Products will be giving away spools of line, top shots and other free prizes! Their pro-staff reps will offer product info and knot tying demonstrations for anybody interested. Some excellent summer/fall dates have been selected for these Izorline sponsored trips, so check the schedule and book your spot!

DEFINITE GO 1.5 day trip - Sun., Aug. 12th @ 9pm – Returns Tue., Aug. 14th by 7am
$380 per person
Max load of 28
Includes bunk, bait, unlimited soda fountain drinks, coffee and MX fishing permits.  Passport NOT required.

2 day trip - Tue., Sept. 18th @ 9pm – Returns Thu., Sept. 20th @ 7pm
$585 per person 
Limited load of 26
Includes bunk, bait, all meals (1 dinner), some am/pm snacks, unlimited soda fountain drinks, coffee and MX fishing permits. PASSPORTS NOT REQUIRED 

Visit our website to book: Tomahawk Tickets!

The plan is to fish offshore for tuna, dorado and yellowtail.

TONS of great FREE PARKING at Seaforth Landing makes for stress-free boat access/unloading and a great deal vs. other landings!

The "ALL NEW" Tomahawk is ready to take you fishing! For more information please visit our WEBSITE or give us a call at (619) 909-6079. You can also click here to BOOK ONLINE.

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Captain Eric Sauerwein
Seaforth Sportfishing
San Diego, CA

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