Fish Report and Upcoming Trips

by Big Hungry
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The El Capitan called in with 40 Yellowfin Tuna, 60 Skipjack and 7 Dorado so far on their  2 Day trip due back Sunday night.  We will have their final fish count upon their return to the dock.

The Dominator called in with 3 Yellowfin Tuna, 3 Yellowtail, 14 Dorado and 20 Skipjack for their 1 Day trip.

The AM ½ day trip aboard the Daily Double returned with and 31 Calico Bass, 3 Sand Bass, 11 Rockfish, 1 Whitefish, 1 Sculpin and 2 Sheephead for their 43 passengers.

The Daily Double called in with 3 Bonito, 9 Rockfish, 49 Calico Bass and 1 California Sheephead for their pm 1/2 day trip for their 17 passengers.

The Point Loma called in with 2 Barracuda, 2 Barred Sand Bass, 13 Rockfish, 3 California Sheephead and 126 Calico Bass for their local 3/4 day trip.

The Josie Lynn called in with 2 Dorado and 1 Yellowtail for their 3/4 Day trip.

Upcoming Offshore Trips: 

Departing Sunday night
The El Capitan has a 1.5 day trip departing at 9:30pm. Ticket price is $430.00 plus permits. Meals are included in this price.

The Chief has a 1.5 day trip departing at 8:00pm. Ticket price is $380.00 and includes your Mexican permit and bunk.

The Dominator has an overnight trip departing at 9:00 pm. Ticket price is $260.00 and includes your Mexican permit and bunk.
Upcoming ½ day & Full Day Trips:

The 1/2 day boat Daily Double departs at 8:30 am and 3:00 pm to fish the local kelp beds and other hot spots. California fishing license and equipment rentals are extra. 
The Mission Belle is scheduled daily for their full day trip at 6:00 am fishing at the Coronado Islands in Mexico. This trip will be targeting Yellowtail, Bonito, Bass and Rockfish. Ticket price includes your Mexican fishing license and tourist visa. A valid passport or passport card is required for all passengers going on this trip.

The Point Loma is now running "local" ¾ day trips on a daily basis. This trip will be fishing the local kelp beds and other hot spots in California. Departure time is 6:30 am with a return time around 4:30 pm. A California fishing license will be additional. No passport required for this trip.

For reservations, questions or private charters please call our office at (619) 223-1627

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