Lake Skinner Fishing Report

Lake Skinner - Temecula, CA (Riverside County)

by Lake Skinner Marina Staff
(951) 926-8515

The water temperature is 78 degrees. Water level is up. Next Stock of Catfish will be August 17th, 2018, 400 pounds. On Tuesday July 14th, 2018 the Lake will be closed for Fishing due to Blue Stoning. Striper: Slow Action: Stripers have slowed down this past week. A few anglers have still caught a few over by the Inlet, using mackerels and shad. Blue Gill: Slow Action: The bait of choice would be red worm, meal worms and of course wax worms across from the Marina.. Catfish: High Action: Last Stock of Catfish was August 3rd, 2018, 400 pounds. Plenty of Cats to be caught hitting on chicken livers, mackerels, garlic shrimp, especially chicken livers over in the Ramp 2 area and coves. Pretty much Cats can be caught throughout the lake. Large Mouth: Slow Action: Largemouth bass are over on the north shore lurking in the reeds. Try catching them on purple and green robo worms, and night crawlers. Trout: No Action. Carp: High Action: Huge and plenty.... Stop by the camp store or marina and share your fishing stories with us and get a picture taken so we can post it on FB. Catch and release is a great thing to practice to insure the species a healthy abundant environment to keep on producing for many more years of fun here.

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The water temperature is 78 degrees. Next Stock of Catfish was August 3rd, 2018, 400 pounds. Striper: Medium Action: Doing well early mornings over by the inlet area Trolling with umbrella rigs, and night crawlers. Blue Gill: Slow Action: Similar to last week's report...Blue gill hitting on live crickets, night crawlers, meal worms and wax worms, over in the East Bay area. Catfish: High Action: Cats are on the prowl, hitting on chicken livers, anchovies, and mackerel. Next Stock of...... Read More

The water temperature is between 76-78 degrees. Next Stock of Catfish will be August 2018, 400 pounds. Striper: Medium Action- Early morning over at the inlet and dam area. Bait of choice has been jerk baits, swimbaits, and of course umbrella rigs trolling deep waters. Largemouth Bass: Slow Action- Largemouth are being caught off the shore, using roboworms, sinkos, frogs, and working with drop-shots. Catfish: High Action- Plenty of big cats out there anywhere in coves, along the banks, over...... Read More