Early Afternoon Update for our Overnight Trip

by Jeff Spafford
(619) 909-6079

Captain Jeff Spafford aboard Tomahawk Sportfishing out of Seaforth Landing checking in with a early afternoon report.  29 Yellowfin Tuna , and 24 Skipjack Tuna for our 28 anglers.  We got a lot of beginners doing really well, but fish are starting to get a little finicky.  Fishing is still doing really well this time of year.  Check us out online.  Get out on the water with us.

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Captain Eric Sauerwein
Seaforth Sportfishing
San Diego, CA

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Captain Jeff Spafford from Tomahawk Sportfishing out of Seaforth Landing checking in with an audio wrap-up report for our overnight report. Headed down south to the tuna grounds.  Got fortunate enough to get 47 Yellowfin Tuna (15-20lb), and 36 Skipjack Tuna.  A lot of first timers on the boat, fished well, and did a good job.  Check us out online and hope to see you out on the water! ...... Read More

Captain Jeff Spafford of Tomahawk Sportfishing out of Sea Forth Landing calling in a wrap up report for our 2 day trip with 24 anglers.  Limited on Yellowfin Tuna up to 15 lbs and limits on Skipjack Tuna. Had a great time fishing down south, clean water, very light boat traffic there. We caught a lot of fish in a short amount of time.  Check us out online and get out on the water with us. ...... Read More