Next Calaveras Stock on Thursday 12/20

Glen Helen Lake - San Bernardino, CA (San Bernardino County)

Date of Catch:12/16/2018 Angler Name: David Montano Hometown: Rialto Species Caught: Trout Number Caught:2 Weight of Largest: 1.8 lbs. Weight of Stringer:3 lbs. Bait or Lure Used: Power Bait- Rainbow Location on Lake Where Caught: Eastside of Small Lake

by San Bernardino Parks Staff

Another memorable weekend!  Family and friends attended our annual kids derby.  Fisherman were pulling out 4-5 lbs trout on Sunday near the North end of the large lake.  Small lake was averaging catches between 1-2 lbs fish.  Popular baits were multi-colored jigs, power bait- Chartreuse, and Sherbet.  Weather was great and the atmosphere was positve.  Looking forward to our next Calaveras stock on Thursday 12/20/18.

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