Bite has Been Day to Day

San Vicente Reservoir - Foster, CA (San Diego County)

by San Vicente Reservoir Staff
(619) 390-1918

Recent storms have brought the water level up approximately 5ft. and the water clarity is stained to muddy.  The fish are still scattered from 5’ to 50’ and the bite has been day to day at the moment. Once conditions stabilize it should turn on in a hurry.  The last reports were drop shot the deep fish, and small swimbaits, and rip baits for the shallow ones.

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San Vicente Fishing Report
San Vicente Reservoir
The Bass are really scattered from 5’ to 50’.  The shallow fish have been real spooky, so be as stealthy as possible when targeting these.  Drop shotting still working for the deeper fish.  Once this water temp comes up a degree or two, the fishing should start to improve.  There was one report of some crappie being caught week before last, but other than that the panfish went unreported to the concession last week. ...... Read More

Fishing Has Been on the Upswing
San Vicente Reservoir
Fishing has been on the upswing, as a lot of bass have moved up tight to the bank as of late.  Flipping, and small swimbaits have been working for the shallow fish, and there is still a solid drop shot bite in 40’ to 50’ of water.  There were a few crappie and red ear reported as well, but as usual, anglers were not willing to disclose any info on the panfish.  ...... Read More