Trout Bite is Outstanding

Wohlford Lake - Escondido, CA (San Diego County)

by Wohlford Lake Staff
(760) 839-4346

The trout bite is outstanding right now with boaters on the east end recording early morning limits and some fisherman literally catching them two at a time by courtesy of their second rod. We had multiple plants go in while the water was too stained to catch them and so they have just been stacking up waiting for the water to clear. On top of this the DFW fish truck rolled up on Tuesday to give us a surprise shot in the arm that put us over the top. With the abundance of trout it's like opening day without the crowd! In addition, we have three more plant between now and the first week of April so things aren't likely to slow down anytime soon. Big trout of the week belonged to Robert Farris of Bonsall and weighed 6.00#s even. Mr. Farris caught his fish on Senior Shoreline on a combination of dough-bait and a powerworm. The east end is hot, as is the southern shore, Willow Cove, and stretches of Senior Shoreline. Yellow mouse-tails, power-eggs, and inflated night-crawlers, are the top baits.

Tom Burley- 7.7 pound Trout
Antonio Ramirez- 13 pound Catfish
Taylor Ortiz 4.1 pound Bass
Taylor Ortiz- .8 pound Crappie

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