Coastal 3/4 day Limits!

Photo Credit: Coral Sea

by Jamie Diamond
(805) 963-3564

Excellent fishing for us up the coast today folks.  With only 15 anglers on board and windy weather across the pond we headed up the line to take a look in the deep water. 

Almost straight Reds for our group today with only a handfull of big Bocaccio mixed in.  The double dropper loops and anchovies worked the best with many doubles being wound up around the boat.  Really nice group of anglers out today and they all did a great job taking full advantage and making quick work of there limits.  

Our 15 anglers ended up with 143 reds, 7 assorted Rockfish and 3 lingcod. 

Both boats will be dockside tomorrow due to weather and will resume fishing Friday.  The Stardust will be headed out 3/4 Day fishing and Coral Sea will be 1/2 Day fishing.  Lots of room on both trips so please call the landing at 805 963-3564 or visit our website to book online

Coral Sea

Captains Sal Silva & Jason Diamond
Sea Landing
Santa Barbara, CA