Searching for the quality fish

Photo Credit: Stardust

by Jamie Diamond
(805) 963-3564

Hello, we are heading in from a fairly slow day of fishing over at the islands. The weather was nice on the ride out but when we arrived at our first zone the current was strong and pushed us off spots very quickly. Throughout our morning we did find a handful of spots that kicked it some good Lingcod and some big coppers. 

Our main issue today was missing bites, a lot of baits got picked off. Possibly due to the giant swell that started building in the later morning. We fished around a lot and found most spots to be very baited out and holding smaller assorted rockfish which we would try and run away from but never could outrun them. In the end we did get some very nice lingcod on the deck and our guys were happy with that.

For our 17 anglers we caught 74 rockfish, 3 ocean whitefish, 1 cabezon and 23 Lingcod. The stardust is privately chartered tomorrow but the coral Sea is running a 3/4 day trip and still has room. Please book your reservations now for upcoming trips through our website or call the Santa Barbara Sealanding at 805-963-3564.


Captains Dane Johnston & Jason Diamond
Sea Landing
Santa Barbara, CA