2 day fish count!

by Joe Villareal
(805) 382-1612

Today's fish count! 

15 anglers on a 2 day trip:   31 California Sheephead, 9 California Yellowtail, 27 Lingcod, 69 Ocean Whitefish, 300 Rockfish
Lots of birthday fun for Big Rich!  Happy birthday and thank you for celebrating your birthday with us! 

We have trips coming up this week.  Check out our website at www.miragesportfishing.com. 

We look forward to fishing with you! 

The Mirage runs overnight and 2 day trips from Channel Islands Harbor. If you would like to charter the Mirage please call Erin at (805) 983-0975. You can always BOOK ONLINE at our the Mirage Website.


Captain Joe Villareal
Channel Islands Sportfishing Center
Oxnard, CA