Cisco’s Report: Sun. 12-03-17

by Channel Islands Sportfishing Center Staff
(805) 382-1612

Report: fishing was said to be much tougher today as the current was strong all day long. It’s extremely difficult to stay on top of a rock pile in 1.5 knots of current. In any case, we made the best of things and caught enough to keep everyone happy.

Looking ahead, the forecast is calling for a big “Santa Ana Wind”, so we may or may not be able to get off the dock.

Today’s Fish Count: 7 Boats and 164 Anglers

929 Rockfish, 381 Whitefish, 70 Lingcod, 17 Sheephead, 2 Perch, 1 Yellowtail, and 50 Calico Bass.

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