good fishing

Ocean Whitefish
Photo Credit: Coral sea

by Jamie Diamond
(805) 963-3564

Heading in from a 3/4 day trip. We fished Santa Rosa island. The weather was really bumpy do to the wind down south. 

The fish bit the anchovies and squid the best. The mega bait worked good on a few stops. We fished shallow most of the day and it bit the best. We had really nice quality chucks and white fish and good numbers. 

Our 15 anglers caught 130 rock fish, 50 white fish, and 4 Ling cod. We had 2 people not taking fish. 

We need a handful of people to run tomorrow but Wednesday looks like a go for sure. To book a reservation book online or call the Sea Landing and get some fish in your freezer before the end of the year. ‭(805) 963-3564‬

Coral Sea

Captains Sal Silva & Jason Diamond
Sea Landing
Santa Barbara, CA