Punta Colonet

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Fish Species: Lingcod, Vermilion Rockfish, California Yellowtail, Rockfish

Latest Fish Reports

Date Report Author
2-9-2019 68 Yellows
Captain Gavin Harbor checked in tonight. We... more »
Gavin Harbour
1-16-2019 Baja Coastal Trip a Go!
Captain Gavin Harbour checked in tonight with an... more »
Gavin Harbour
1-7-2019 First Baja Coast/Colonet Trip of the Year.
Good times on our first Baja coast/Colonet trip... more »
Drew Card
2-23-2018 Definite Go Departing at 7 PM
Captain Gavin Harbour called in at 9:45 AM... more »
Gavin Harbour
2-15-2018 Colonet a definite go, light load!
Captain Gavin Harbour called in this afternoon with... more »
Gavin Harbour