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A couple of reports coming in this morning
  • On the first day of their two day trip, the Aztec has 12 bluefin on the boat for their 25 anglers. The fish are in the 60-80# range, and they have a few still fighting.
  • The Pacific Voyager is on the second day of their two day trip, and they have 54 bluefin on the boat for their 17 anglers. The fish are in the 50-70# range.

There is beautiful weather and great signs of fish out there. The Tribute will be going back out on a 1.5 Day Trip tomorrow night, make your reservations now!

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UPDATE 4:30pm - The Pride finished up their overnight trip with 8 bluefin for their 16 anglers! We had a couple of boats return from 1.5 Day trips this morning The Tribute had 5 bluefin and 1 bonito. The Outer Limits had 14 bluefin The bluefin were in the 50-70 pound range. ...... Read More

The PACIFIC VOYAGER's 2 day charter with 18 anglers boated 17 Bluefin tuna from 50-80 pounds.The SAN DIEGO's full day trip to the Coronado Islands caught 2 Barracuda, 6 Calico bass, 17 Vermillion rockfish, 95 Rockfish, 20 Whitefish and 2 Sheephead. Sunday's full day trip departs at 5:30am and requires a passport for all passengers.The NEW SEAFORTH's morning half-day trip caught 250 Vermillion rockfish, 8 Rockfish and 7 Whitefish. The afternoon run caught 148 Vermillion rockfish, 7 Rockfish and 5...... Read More