South Lake Update

South Lake - Bishop, CA (Inyo County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Parchers Resort

by Parchers Resort Gang
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The ice on South Lake is starting to break up y’all, a whole month earlier than 2019. Go figure that the lake is gonna be open but nobody can fish it until June…way to go 2020! LOL! I have no doubt the wind forecasted over the next 48 hours is going to make quick work of the remaining ice which should leave the lake wide open for the June 1st trout opener. Also, a “little birdy” told us that the lake should be well stocked in time for the trout season and there have been rumors of stocking truck sightings in the area. I personally saw a solid 2lb Rainbow cruising the shoreline underneath the ice. I’m getting fired up! Woo hooo!!!

### Important Announcement Stuff ###
For the most part we have tried to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook for the upcoming summer, and we are still very much in a positive and optimistic mind frame. Having said that, we’re getting pretty close to summer now so it’s time to temper that optimism with some realistic expectations.

Today we are just 3 weeks from our tentative opening date, and while we are still hopeful that we will be allowed to open at that time, now that the state guidelines are being given to local governments and the parameters of reopening businesses like ours are being discussed (especially on the lodging side of things), it is clear that there are some big changes coming our way and quite a bit of uncertainty remains. Being that we have very little clarity on how reopening our region to tourism is going to go, we feel the following announcements need to be made to maintain transparency with our clientele and so nobody is caught off guard.

1. All reservations are TENTATIVE based on state and county public health orders. As it stands now, the stay-at-home order must be lifted to allow non-essential travel and for us to open. In the event we are not permitted to operate as planned, we will provide any affected guests with a full refund. We will provide guests with as much notice as possible should this occur.

2. On a temporary basis BEDDING & PILLOWS WILL NOT BE PROVIDED in any of our cabins. Only sheets and towels will be provided until further notice. All guests must bring their own pillows and bedding. This is not only a public health precaution, but an operational necessity for us.

3. Due to additional health and safety protocols requiring more time disinfecting our cabins and facilities, check-in time has been moved back to 4pm, and check-out time will be 9:30am. No early check-ins or late check-outs. No exceptions.

4. Please be advised that a COVID-19 policy consistent with state and local public health orders will be posted for guests and compliance with these guidelines will be mandatory for all staff and guests alike. As much as we would like to offer a complete escape from all things pandemic, that’s not going to happen in 2020. These guidelines will be changing regularly as state and local public health mandates are issued, but be ready to follow many of the same precautions you have been asked to follow at home including social distancing, wearing face coverings, frequent hand washing etc. Current copies of our comprehensive policy will be available upon request once we open.

We have also created a web page that folks can check to see specific COVID-19 related information including the policies outlined above as well as modified cancellation policies, sanitation practices and links to the government agencies who are implementing public health orders, mandates, and recommendations. This information is changing on a week to week basis so we plan to update it as frequently as possible.

Long story, well…long….we are still optimistic that a killer hiking and fishing season is just ahead of us, but it’s going to be an adventure ironing out the details so bear with us and we’ll all have a grand time.

The Parchers Crew

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