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5AM Charter Fished Santa Cruz Island

We took on a local charter, departing at 5AM, fishing at Santa Cruz Island. 23 Anglers, 67 Rockfish, 7 California Sheephead, 18 Calico Bass, 53 Ocean Whitefish, 1 Barracuda.  Come enjoy summer in the 805! We run overnights, departing at
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by CHANNEL ISLANDS SPORTFISHING CENTER STAFF / Channel Islands Sportfishing Center
Today’s Fish Count: 9 Boats and 173 Anglers 10 California Sheephead, 93 Bonito, 1 Rock Sole, 472 Ocean Whitefish, 30 Lingcod, 75 Barracuda, 282 Rockfish, 198 Calico Bass, 2 California Halibut, 7 Yellowtail, and 80 Perch. For a detailed boat by boat
(More...) (Tuesday, August 14, 2018)

Bass Bite!!

by TONY VULTAGGIO / Santa Barbara Sportfishing
 Heading out on a late morning coastal half day we looked at various spots, We did not like what we saw, we did catch many fish but not the quality we were looking for. With a tip from another boat
(More...) (Tuesday, August 14, 2018)

More great 3/4 day fishing!

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
Capt Rafa coming in from SRI. Another trip for the books folks. Jumbo coppers and reds, coming up on anchovies, squid and just about anything you can put on your hooks for our anglers today.  Total count for our 21 anglers: 43
(More...) (Tuesday, August 14, 2018)

AMAZING 1/2 day fishing SUPER light loads!!

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
Very fun fishing again for us folks.  We got off the dock with only 14 anglers and headed out to our local area for our day.  We started our day fishing some smaller stones for Rockfish and had decent fishing on
(More...) (Tuesday, August 14, 2018)

Incredible Fishing

by BILL CAVANAUGH / Intrepid Sportfishing
Hi Gang, We experienced some incredible fishing yesterday on mostly yellowfin tuna in the 15 to 30 pound class. To say it was wide open would almost be an understatement. These tuna were biting so aggressively that it was every bait
(More...) (Tuesday, August 14, 2018)

SHARE Program to Offer Wild Pig, Waterfowl, Pheasant, Quail and Dove Hunts this Fall

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) Shared Habitat Alliance for Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) program will provide public access for hunting on properties in Colusa, Merced, Santa Barbara and Solano counties this fall. For the first time, SHARE will offer
(More...) (Tuesday, August 14, 2018)

290 lbs Blufin!

by PAT CAVANAUGH (SAN DIEGO) / Pacific Dawn Sportfishing
  This fish ended up 290 lbs at the dock; Our second biggest #bluefintuna ever!
(More...) (Monday, August 13, 2018)

Fish watching

by TIM EKSTROM / Royal Star Sportfishing
Still tough on the outside. Another day of fish watching while hooking only a few  was a clear indication that change was in order. For the better or worse we saddled up mid afternoon and headed for anything else, at
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by JEFF DEBUYS / Independence Sportfishing
We got things off to a good start today as we began fishing around noon time. Nice grade Yellowfin and Yellowtail were on tap for all the guys as well as some Bluefin Tuna that wanted to cooperate till dark.
(More...) (Monday, August 13, 2018)

Mirage Sportfishing Fish Count!

by JOE VILLAREAL / Mirage Sportfishing
Today's fish count! 17 anglers: 7 California Sheephead, 1 Lingcod, 136 Ocean Whitefish, 170 Rockfish
(More...) (Monday, August 13, 2018)

2018 Winwater Works Charter!

by ROBERT GRAY / Ranger 85 Sportfihsing
Awesome group of guys! 2018 Winwater Works charter!
(More...) (Sunday, August 12, 2018)

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