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Trinity River Upstream of Indian Creek Reopens for Adult Chinook Salmon Harvest on Monday, Nov. 19

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s (CDFW) Trinity River Hatchery has determined the hatchery will have taken in more than 4,800 fall Chinook Salmon by the end of this week. According to California 2018-19 supplemental sport fishing regulations, the
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Steady action

by BRIAN SIMS / Royal Star Sportfishing
We put together another nice day of fishing today. We started with a little bit of wahoo action and followed that up with some steady action on 15-25# tuna.  The icing on the cake is that our weather is flat
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Great island fishing

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Stardust Sportfishing
Heading in from the islands. The weather was awesome.  We had a slow start to the day we basically caught our fish in the afternoon. We moved around to a lot and fished a ton of areas. We ended up with
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by CHANNEL ISLANDS SPORTFISHING CENTER STAFF / Channel Islands Sportfishing Center
Today’s Fish Count: 4 Boats and 53 Anglers 419 Rockfish, 177 Ocean Whitefish, 14 California Sheephead, 33 Lingcod, 31 Calico Bass, 3 Bonito, 3 Sand Bass, and 1 White Seabass. For a detailed boat by boat count, Click Here--> http://www.channelislandssportfishing.com/fish-count BOOK ONLINE at https://ciscos.fishingreservations.net/sales/ RESERVATIONS & GENERAL
(More...) (Friday, November 16, 2018)

Fun Fishing on a Light Load!

We had a fun trip today, bringing in a good mix of species in great weather. 13 Anglers, 1 Triggerfish, 40 Rockfish, 11 California Sheephead, 11 Calico Bass, 92 Ocean Whitefish, 41 Calico Bass (Released).  The weather has been beautiful,
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Bluefin on Our 2 Day!

We Had A 2 Day Trip That Ended Up With 7 Fish We Had Plenty Of Oppurtunity But Had ALot Of Casualties But Still Had A Great Group Of People And absolutely Beautiful Weather Stay Tuned For Our Next Trip
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by MATT KAULLEN / Independence Sportfishing
The Indy will arrive at 0530 Saturday.
(More...) (Friday, November 16, 2018)

Found Fish within 1 Day Range

by JEFF JESSOP / Freedom Sportfishing
In from a 1.5 day this morning. 64 Yellowfin and 1 Bluefin for our 28 anglers. Found fish within 1 day range....tuna fishing will continue. Tonight’s trip leaves at 10pm. Make your reservation 310-832-8304
(More...) (Thursday, November 15, 2018)

Aloha-Spirit Fishing Report

by SHAWN STEWARD / Aloha Spirit Sportfishing
Today we had the owners of Herzog Winery out with us. Late departure and early arrival with nice bags. 8 anglers 80 whitefish 48 rockfish 13 sheephead 3 Lingcod We have room on tomorrow’s open party trip. Call 805-382-1612 or go to alohaspirit.com to make a reservation.
(More...) (Thursday, November 15, 2018)

Roler coaster of flavor!

by ALEC ROBBIE / Polaris Supreme
What a delicious meal whipped up by Chef Roger and galleyman Gringo! Simply outstanding!
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Mirage Sportfishing Fish Count!

by JOE VILLAREAL / Mirage Sportfishing
Today's fish count! 19 anglers:  7 California Sheephead, 5 Lingcod, 178 Ocean Whitefish, 190 Rockfish
(More...) (Thursday, November 15, 2018)

Thanksgiving week schedule

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
Good afternoon! We are out on our Research trip until Friday afternoon. Our Thanksgiving schedule is as follows:   Monday-Wednesday 3/4 day fishing Friday 1/2 day Fishing Saturday-Wednesday 3/4 day fishing   Please make reservations now, from the website or call 805-963-3564
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