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3.87 Lb. Rainbow

by KENS SPORTING GOODS STAFF / Kens Sporting Goods
Andy Chou bagged this 3 lb 14 oz BFEF tagged rainbow at Little Virginia yesterday!
(More...) (Wednesday, June 19, 2019)

June Lake Beauties

by SCOTT CHAMPION / Ernie's Tackle
Chris and Nick de la Tora from Carson, California caught and released these beauties from June on 2# test. Great job guys
(More...) (Wednesday, June 19, 2019)

MC Swimbaits Skiff Trip

by SHOGUN OFFICE STAFF / Shogun Sportfishing
Good Morning Guys- Checking in from our 6-day MC Swimbaits Skiff trip. Sorry there have been no reports but the WIFI has been down and communication was minimal. Thanks for your understanding. They have had good Bass fishing at both Geronimo and
(More...) (Wednesday, June 19, 2019)

Picking Away

by SAM MOORE / Intrepid Sportfishing
We started our day with good sign of Yellowtail everywhere. We could see them up on the surface and boiling around. Unfortunately with our lack of conditions it made it hard to get a bite. We scratched away for the
(More...) (Tuesday, June 18, 2019)


by TIM EKSTROM / Royal Star Sportfishing
Limits in the scenery department; it doesn’t get any better. In flat calm conditions the pristine Baja Coast served up that old school display of nature found nowhere else. Huge bird schools and spots of breaking yellowtail erupted mid morning
(More...) (Tuesday, June 18, 2019)

Channel Islands Sportfishing Fish Count: EXCEPTIONAL ASSORTMENT

by CHANNEL ISLANDS SPORTFISHING / Channel Islands Sportfishing
Today’s Fish Count: 9 Boats and 165 Anglers 35 California Sheephead, 784 Rockfish, 48 Calico Bass, 224 Ocean Whitefish, 11 Sculpin, 7 Barracuda, 55 White Seabass, 11 Lingcod, and 2 California Halibut. Our lucky anglers put together an exceptional assortment of fish
(More...) (Tuesday, June 18, 2019)

Aloha-Spirit Fishing Report

by SHAWN STEWARD / Aloha Spirit Sportfishing
Today’s fish count 15 anglers 5 seabass 8 kelpbass 2 barracuda 3 Rockfish Only found one school today. We will check in tomorrow
(More...) (Tuesday, June 18, 2019)

Great Quality White Seabass - Ventura Sportfishing

by CRYSTAL YING / Ventura Sportfishing
We’re having great quality of White Seabass right now! We had 59 anglers in our fleet today and ended the day with 538 Rockfish, 183 Whitefish, 28 White Seabass, 12 Sculpin, 9 Lingcod, 5 Sheephead, 1 Barracuda, 1 White Seabass
(More...) (Tuesday, June 18, 2019)

Nice Rockfish - Island Spirit

by CRYSTAL YING / Ventura Sportfishing
We had a small chance for some White Seabass, unfortunately we lost the ones we hooked and released one to grow. We had 23 anglers and ended the day with 198 Rockfish, 63 Whitefish, 12 Sculpin, and 2 Lingcod.  Book
(More...) (Tuesday, June 18, 2019)

Mirage Sportfishing Fish Count!

by JOE VILLAREAL / Mirage Sportfishing
Today's fish count!   16 anglers: 16 California Sheephead, 4 Lingcod, 20 Ocean Whitefish, 160 Rockfish, 13 White Seabass
(More...) (Tuesday, June 18, 2019)

Lake Sabrina Weekly Report

by LAKE SABRINA BOAT LANDING STAFF / Lake Sabrina Boat Landing
We’ve got boats on the water, more fish in the Lake and the Aspen are quaking with the growth of new leaves, the CrabApple is starting to bloom and the first StrawBerry-Rhubarb Pie hit the oven. The creeks are ripping
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

Limits of really good grade Rockfish!

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
Open Party 3/4 Day Trip - Good afternoon folks. Started our morning fishing for seabass but we were unlucky to get a bite. After 2 hours of staring at fish on the meter and throwing everything we had at them we
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

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