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Catchy Tackle 5 Day Return

by BILL CAVANAUGH / Intrepid Sportfishing
Hi Gang, We returned form our Catchy Tackle 5 day trip with a nice losd of fish. Our jaclkpot winners are as follows: third place went to Harry Veldkamp with a 26.2 pound yellowtail, second place went to Jack Winterswyk with
(More...) (Sunday, August 25, 2019)

Rainbows up to 5.75 Lbs.

by LAKE MARY MARINA / Lake Mary Marina
Check out these fish that Matthew and Kate Suyetsugu from Culver City, CA caught on Saturday! They caught these beautiful 5-5 ¾ lb rainbow trout with orange and pink mice tails. Amazing catch Matthew and Kate!
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Good Morning Action

by RAY LOPEZ / American Angler Sportfishing
We had good morning action and slower in the afternoon, but still managed to catch a couple more handfuls of those 50 - 90#ers with a stand out 105#.  Hoping for a big day tomorrow and everyone is in good
(More...) (Saturday, August 24, 2019)

Yellowtail Special Friday 8/30

  Blacktail Sponsored Extended Full Day   "Yellowtail Special" Friday 8/30     16 passengers   Depart:6am   Return:7pm   Price:$135 per person   There will be giveaways!     Call (562) 506-4980 to book a spot!
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Dixon Lake Fishing Report

by DIXON LAKE STAFF / Dixon Lake
Catfish: August 16th was the last catfish stock of the 2019 season. August 29th and 30th will be our last two days including night fishing this year. Fishing hours are extended to 11:45 p.m. on the days that we hold
(More...) (Saturday, August 24, 2019)

7.5 Lb. Largemouth

by WOHLFORD LAKE STAFF / Wohlford Lake
Catfish are being caught throughout the lake. Lake Wohlford cats prefer chicken liver or cut mackerel. Largemouth bass can be found hovering around structure. Melissa Kraus of Carlsbad caught and released a 7.50# bass using a senko worm in Boat Dock
(More...) (Saturday, August 24, 2019)


by BRIAN SIMS / Royal Star Sportfishing
We departed today on The Mitch Otera trip in good weather and with a good load of healthy Sardines. We cleared Ensenada and are headed to the Island hoping for a repeat of last trip. If you are reading this
(More...) (Saturday, August 24, 2019)

Mirage Sportfishing Fish Count!

by JOE VILLAREAL / Mirage Sportfishing
Todays fish count!   18 anglers: 2 California Sheephead, 23 Lingcod, 142 Ocean Whitefish, 180 Rockfish
(More...) (Saturday, August 24, 2019)

Channel Islands Sportfishing, August 24, 2019

by CHANNEL ISLANDS SPORTFISHING / Channel Islands Sportfishing
Today’s Fish Count: 10 Boats and 221 Anglers. 1,363 Rockfish, 717 Whitefish, 55 Lingcod, 83 Sheephead, 1 Cabezon, 7 Sculpin, 7 Barracuda, 127 Calico Bass, 1 Sand Bass, 35 Perch, and 1 Yellowtail. Bass fishing continues to be decent at the islands,
(More...) (Saturday, August 24, 2019)

Variety and Quality!

by CRYSTAL YING / Ventura Sportfishing
We got a lot of different species today and great quality! We had 55 anglers with 402 Rockfish, 2 Cabezon, 20 Sheephead, 47 Lingcod, 136 Whitefish, 1 Rock Sole, 29 Bonito, 3 Barracuda, 3 Sculpin, 12 Calico Bass, and 1
(More...) (Saturday, August 24, 2019)

Quality over Quantity - Island Spirit

by CRYSTAL YING / Ventura Sportfishing
Quality over quantity today! We had 20 anglers on our charter today! We ended the day with 19 Lingcod, 14 Sheephead, 1 Cabezon, 41 Whitefish, and 129 Rockfish! Book your spot today and let us share our fun with you
(More...) (Saturday, August 24, 2019)

Great day

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Stardust Sportfishing
Heading in from Santa Rosa Island. We had a really fun charter and they got to fish in perfect weather. We definitely put on some nice quality.  Our 35 anglers caught  239 rockfish  196 whitefish  15 lingcod  2 sheephead  We are a go 1/2 day fishing
(More...) (Saturday, August 24, 2019)

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