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Is Lobster Poaching from Commercial Traps a Felony?

Question: I recently heard that a recreational lobster diver who takes lobster from a commercial lobster trap could be arrested and booked into jail on felony charges. Is this true? (Anonymous diver, Orange County) Answer: Yes, it’s true. California Penal Code, section 487
(More...) (Friday, November 24, 2017)

Thanksgiving Redondo Special

by REDONDO BEACH SPORTFISHING / Redondo Beach Sportfishing
Redondo Special Fish Count Thursday November 23rd    Thanksgiving morning half day 7:30am-12:30pm 25 anglers  158 rockfish  106 whitefish  1 sheephead  1 bonito  1 sargo  12 perch    Next trip tomorrow morning 9am-3pm  
(More...) (Thursday, November 23, 2017)

 Record Bluefin

by FRANK URSITTI - RANGER 85 / Ranger 85 Sportfishing
Joe Roder of San Diego landed not only his personal best, but the LARGEST Bluefin Tuna to hit the deck of a Southern California Sportboat in history. The epic battle between man and beast took place some 50 miles from San
(More...) (Thursday, September 21, 2017)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

by TIM EKSTROM / Royal Star Sportfishing
A Happy Thanksgiving to Royal Star anglers and the entire sport fishing community in 2017. Take a few moments to reflect upon the good fortune, the good side of life, proportional to those things that upset the balance. I want
(More...) (Thursday, November 23, 2017)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

by TERESA EWART / Ventura Sportfishing
Yesterday’s Lingcod Trip was a Great  success ! Weather is looking Good For This Weekend With s Spots Available Call 805 -676-3474 Or Book Online !
(More...) (Thursday, November 23, 2017)

Happy Thanksgiving

by INTREPID SPORTFISHING / Intrepid Sportfishing
(More...) (Thursday, November 23, 2017)

Thanksgiving Roundup!

by TONY VULTAGGIO / Santa Barbara Sportfishing
 A gorgeous ride across the channel to the West End of Santa Cruz Island, pristine conditions!  We decided to start off shallow and target some rockfish, it didn’t take long before we filled up on ocean whitefish, California sheep head,
(More...) (Wednesday, November 22, 2017)

Beautiful 1/2 day Fishing

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
We had another beautiful day out on the water for the 1/2 day trip today. We changed things up and hit the deeper water area. Our morning was pretty slow, picking a few rockfish off each spot. That continued until
(More...) (Wednesday, November 22, 2017)

Nice day at the Islands!

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
Hey folks heading in from the islands with no wind or swell to speak of. We fished shallow for most of our day. We started out deep and there was so much bait it was not biting good. So we went shallow. In
(More...) (Wednesday, November 22, 2017)

805 BFT!

by TUCKER MCCOMBS / Outrider Sportfishing
Great offshore trip out of Hooks Landing in Channel Islands. The fishing was a little bit slower than it had been but we still had a worth while run. We ended with 11 BFT and 1 YFT. Most of the
(More...) (Wednesday, November 22, 2017)

Coronado Island Update

by RYAN BOSTIAN / The San Diego
Captain Ryan Bositan checked in with an update tonight from the San Diego. Today we fished at the Coronado Islands. We had 18 anglers catch 2 Bluefin Tuna, 1 Sheephead, 7 Yellowtail, 6 Calico Bass, 90 Bonito, and 13 Rockfish.
(More...) (Tuesday, November 21, 2017)

Northern Channel Islands

by JOE VILLAREAL / Mirage Sportfishing
Today's fish count!  22 angler's :  3 California Sheephead, 2 California Yellowtail, 32 Lingcod, 128 Ocean Whitefish, 220 Rockfish
(More...) (Tuesday, November 21, 2017)

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