Cachuma Lake Fishing Lake

Cachuma Lake - Santa Barbara, CA (Santa Barbara County)

by Cachuma Lake Staff

The trout bite is still hot people are still bringing in limits. Power-bait in colors such as chartreuse, garlic, orange, rainbow are producing fish. The troll is starting to pick up according to a few anglers.

Lake Conditions

Lake Level 307.3 Surface Temp 53.6 Fish Plant: 1,000 lbs. trout were planted by the Department of fish and wildlife on Tuesday 2-6-18 at the boat launch. 3,000 lbs. of Mt Lassen trout were planted at the Marina on 2-8-18.

Micheal Sangster of Richmond caught 1 trout weighing 7.62 lbs. using a road runner lure fishing at the main rec on 2-8-17.

The Folan's of Fairfax caught 13 trout using power-bait no location given on 2-8-18.

Regner Cunanch of Cupertino caught some trout the weight of the largest 7.30 lbs. on 2-8-18 no location given.

Michael Ascari of Sac Sonano (?777?) caught 5 trout fishing at Sandy Point on 2-9-18 using power-bait.

Andrew Wright of Vallejo caught 4 trout fishing in Scow Canyon the weight of the largest 6.27 lbs. Using Garlic Chartreuse on 2-9-18. Micheal Antis of Pacifica caught 5 trout using white power eggs at the boat launch on 2-9-18. Sean Ancelet of San Lorenzo caught of San Lorenzo caught 5 trout using white power- eggs no location given. On 2-9-18.

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