Excellent Quality today

Photo Credit: Stardust

by Jason Diamond
(805) 886-0454

Heading in here after fishing across at Santa Rosa Island today with 33 anglers on board.  

Our fishing today was a grind however almost everything we caught was of nice quality.  Our morning consisted of looking around in the shallower water for a couple handfuls of Lingcod and some nice Coppers.  Working deeper we had a few decent drifts however nothing reacted quite how it looked.  Our group had a great time and stayed at the rail ended up with a decent catch of fish to take home. 

Our 33 anglers ended the day with 203 Assorted Rockfish and 16 Lingcod.  

The Stardust has room on its 3/4 Day Trip tomorrow as well as Sunday and the Coral Sea has availability 1/2 Day Fishing Friday and Sunday as well.  Please call Sea Landing at 805 963-3564 for a reservation or visit our website to book online.

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Captains Dane Johnston & Jason Diamond
Sea Landing
Santa Barbara, CA

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