Wind at the Outer Islands

by Vanessa Chavez
(805) 676-3474

We had the Pacific Dawn and the Amigo out on overnight trips, looking for white seabass. The weather was a challenge today at the outer islandsand the boats both switched to rockfishing. 40 Anglers, 39 California Sheephead, 332 Ocean Whitefish, 1 Lingcod, 128 Rockfish, 4 Yellowtail, 1 Barracuda, 2 White Seabass. The weather looks good for tomorrow and it's the perfect time to get on board a boat and enjoy a day of fishing fun! The 5AM Island Spirit is targeting game fish every Tuesday, including white seabass, yellowtail and halibut.  Book your spot now! We have trips departing daily at 4AM & 5AM and overnight trips departing at 10PM. Check out our schedule at or call (805) 676-3474  #805STRONG

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