Beautiful 1/2 day trip!

Photo Credit: Coral Sea

by Jamie Diamond
(805) 886-0454

Heading in from a 1/2 day. The weather was perfect no wind and not to hot!!  We fished local shallower water all day and we managed to put a good score on the boat. We caught reds and a mixed bag of rockfish. The early morning was on the slow side but then picked up and got better throughout our day. We had a couple of spots where the whitefish bit but we targeted rockfish. The squid and the live bait worked the best but they did bite the jig. 

Our 27 anglers caught 198 rockfish, 3 lingcod, 1 sheep head, 48 whitefish. 

We have room on Tuesday and Wednesday for our 3/4 day trips and the Stardust has room for their 1/2 day trips Monday through Wednesday. To make a reservation you can book online or call the Sea landing. (805)963-3564

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Coral Sea

Captains Jason Diamond
Rafa Garcia
Sea Landing
Santa Barbara, CA

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