Fisherman Catching All Along the East Shore

Glen Helen Lake - San Bernardino, CA (San Bernardino County)

Date of Catch: 12/08/2018 Angler Name: ROLANDO RODRIGUEZ Hometown: San Gabriel Species Caught: Trout Number Caught: 1 Weight of Largest: 4Lbs. Weight of Stringer: 4 lbs. Bait or Lure Used: Power Bait- Garlic Location on Lake Where Caught: Small Lake

by San Bernardino Parks Staff

GREAT WEEKEND! We had fisherman catching all along the east shore of the large lake and also around In-between the Lakes Restrooms. Fisherman were receptive towards our fishing report and are very enthused with the conditions of the lake maintenance. Hot baits being used were Power Bait Chartreuse,Salmon Egg, and Rainbow.

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