There Were 8,000 lbs of Trout Stocked this Year.

Cachuma Lake - Santa Barbara, CA (Santa Barbara County)

by Cachuma Lake Staff

The Murkiness in the water is slowly decreasing by the day.  Using bright or dark colors is still recommended.  There were 8,000 lbs of trout stocked this year.  Trolling on boat or floating nightcrawlers from shore have been the goto, rap alas, flicker shads, and spoons are working great along the back wall.  Bass are surprisingly coming up even with low water temps.  Trolling slow, drop shot jigs, and nightcrawlers have been catching those.  Crappie/Bluegill aren’t coming up as much, but trying mealworms or small jigs might get a hook up.  Catfish are going to be along the bottom.  Mackerel is working as well.  Carp are benign seen within the marina as well as in the shallower parts of the lake.  Nightcrawlers, carp nuggets, bread, and by bow are great ways to get carp.  The lake is still rising per day due to runoff and other reservoirs.  We are at 61.6% capacity.

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The storms in the previous weeks has brought the lake up to 57.8% was about 37% before the storm.  The water is still murky, but fish are being caught.  4,000 lbs of Rainbow Trout were stocked last Monday.  Try shiny/neon lures, worms, or powerbait.  Large and Smallmouth Bass have slowed down a bit, using slow moving baits/jigs will be your best bet to catch them.  Crappie/bluegill are coming back slowly.  Crappie jigs and atomic teasers work if you are trying...... Read More

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