The Bass Spawn is Coming

Castaic Lake - Castaic, CA (Los Angeles County)

by Castaic Lake Staff

The trout truck finally came by this week and dumped some decent sized models.  There were many limits the days following the stocking and has been getting harder to locate the trout with each passing day.  There has been a little swimbait action from the last plant but has been tough for most anglers seeing that the trout were really big and harder for the stripers and largemouth to engulf down.  With that being said, there are still hold-over trout that have survived the initial onslaught but are definitely harder to catch.  The stripers are still biting on sardines, anchovies, and lug worms; mainly deeper water off main points around the lake.  The largemouth and smallmouth bite has been picking up but has been a tough bite to crack for most anglers.  Most catches have been coming on a plastic, either on the drop shot or Carolina-rig.  There have also been some reports of fish being caught on jigs, as well as the good old nightcrawler.  The spawn is coming, and the bass will start to fatten up in preparation.  The catfish bite has slowed down a bit, with a few accidental catches still happening while anglers are soaking bait for stripers.  Anyone willing to switch up baits to mackerel or chicken livers have been having better luck with the cats.  The bluegill and crappie are still hard to find, with your best luck being down at the lagoon.

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This past week has been some what slow because of the rain, but anyone that was brave enough to endure the cold had productive results.  Anglers going for stripers were having the best luck out of everyone.  Most catches came on a sardine, anchovy, or lug worm down deep on a Carolina-rig or drop-shot.  There has been some action on the troll, mainly hitting main points using umbrella rigs and reaction baits.  The largemouth and smallmouth bite seems to be...... Read More

Stripers are still the main species being targeted this past week.  Most anglers have been successful with sardines and anchovies, with lug and blood worms also working well.  There have been a few reports of stripers being caught on the troll. Mainly using spoons, umbrella rigs, or lead head swimbaits.  A couple anglers have been dropping down an ice jig or spoon where they have been biting bait with some luck, but nothing to brag about.  The largemouth and smallmouth...... Read More