Channel Islands Sportfishing Daily Fish Count 03-05-2019

by Channel Islands Sportfishing Center Staff
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Today’s Fish Count: 3 Boat and 60 Anglers


600 Rockfish, 222 Whitefish, 23 Lingcod, and 3 Sculpin.


Great fishing again today! With rain in the forecast, we had 3 boats depart this morning in search of Lingcod and Vermillion gold. Normally on Mondays the Aloha Spirit runs a very popular “Lingcod Special”, but because of weather they postponed it till today. They had a very lite load of only 13 anglers catch there limits of Lingcod rather easily. Captain Shawn then focused on quality Rockfish, and boy did he come through catching HUGE reds! On this fine Tuesday there were two other trips that fished. An overnight trip board the Mirage that fished Santa Rosa Island. They also had some great fishing, loading up on big Rockfish and Lingcod. This trip also nearly caught there limit of Ocean Whitefish too! Last but not least, the Gentleman went out this morning at 6a, on its always popular “Two for Tuesday” special.

All in all, it was a great day to be on the water. Other than being a little cold and overcast, the weather was nice. It didn’t end up raining until after lunch time, and the wind was minimal. All boats caught limits of Rockfish and judging from the size of the fillet bags coming off the boats, the quality was outstanding.

For Wednesday we have more trips going out. Call our landing to inquire or book your spot online anytime!


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*All boats are independently owned & operated*


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