Getting More Reports of Bluegill and Redear.

Lake Perris - Perris, CA (Riverside County)

by Lake Perris Marina Staff
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Fishing has been good at the lake this past week.  We are getting more reports of bluegill and Red ear.  The bass seem to be coming up a lot more, they are still somewhat deep though.  The reported catches have been weighing in at about an average of 6lbs.  The east end of the lake and the dock both have been doing well for bass.

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More Reports

We had a few days of bad weather this week.  The sun is up now and the fish have come out to play.  The bass are continuing to bite and grow.  The biggest reported catch this week was 7lbs.  Bluegill and Red Ear have been making an appearance as well, averaging about 1.5 lbs. Bow fishing is still open. ...... Read More

The Fish have been active this week.  Carp are still the leading catch.  The bass seem to be coming up more and more and the reported catches have been between 4-5.5 lbs.  We have also been getting some reports of bluegill and redear.  Although no catches have been reported, Catfish have been spotted as well. ...... Read More