Long Beach Sportfishing

Long Beach, CA

Long Beach Sportfishing
555 Pico Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90802

Tide Chart

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Long Beach Sportfishing Fleet

Captain Andy Lee
Captain Darryl Sato
Captain Allyn Watson
Captain Jeff Villapando
Captain Tony Saldivar
Captains George Xenios & Mike Blue

Fish Counts for September 18th, 2019
Boat Trip Type Anglers Fish Count
Victory 3/4 Day 7 70 Red Snapper, 50 Calico Bass Released, 12 Calico Bass
Long Beach Sportfishing Dock Totals
1 Boats 1 Trips 7 Anglers 70 Red Snapper, 12 Calico Bass, 50 Calico Bass Released
As of 2:30 PM September 18th, 2019

Trip Photos