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Mirage Fish Count!

by JOE VILLAREAL / Mirage Sportfishing
Todays fish count! 17 anglers: 27 California Halibut, 1 California Sheephead, 3 Lingcod, 35 Ocean Whitefish, 33 Rockfish
(More...) (Monday, May 29, 2023)

Filled the bags

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
Good afternoon, heading in from Santa Rosa island. We switched gears and went for the jumbo rockfish and that is what we got. Everyone has FAT bags of fish. Today was a great day to spend on the water on
(More...) (Monday, May 29, 2023)

 Cow Town Puerto Vallarta

by JUSTIN RYAN / El Pescador Charters
Please welcome out newest sponsor El Pescador Charters in Puerto Vallarta.  The owner Larry Lionetti has created a fabulous fishing experience with Captain Justin Ryan at the helm. Come join us for a trip aboard the El Pescador where you enjoy
(More...) (Friday, February 24, 2023)

Yet another great day of fishing

by FREEDOM CREW / Freedom Sportfishing
Yet another great day of fishing with no signs of slowing down! 24 or so on the halibut and 8 yellowtail with plenty of rockfish to go with it. Everyone’s going home with fat bags of fillets and sore arms!
(More...) (Monday, May 29, 2023)

Memorial Day

by AMERICAN ANGLER / American Angler Sportfishing
They had a nice afternoon yesterday and would like to pause on fishing for a moment Today we honor those who paid for our freedom with their lives 
(More...) (Monday, May 29, 2023)

The fish you love to hate

by BRIAN SIMS / Royal Star Sportfishing
We started this morning in a shallow and had excellent fishing for tasty bottom fish. We then checked another area for minimal sign and joined the fleet in the local zone. Our weather was excellent and the guys had a
(More...) (Monday, May 29, 2023)

Saturday Report

by SHAWN STEWARD / Aloha Spirit Sportfishing
Todays fish count 18 passengers 10 halibut 13 calico bass 55 whitefish 7 rockfish 6 sheephead 1 cabezon We will check in tomorrow.
(More...) (Sunday, May 28, 2023)

Limited Load Open Party Trip

by CHRIS HANSON / Cobra Charters
From today’s Limited Load Open Party Trip! 5/28/2023. We have Limited Load Open Party Trips Lined up all Week. Please cal Channel Islands Sportfishing Center at 805-382-1612 to join us. cobrasportfishing.com Thank you
(More...) (Sunday, May 28, 2023)

Dang, that was awesome

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
Capt Jason Today was one of those extra special days. We went out searching for halibut and connected with a very nice day. Great weather in a good group of guys to get this job done . We spent the whole
(More...) (Sunday, May 28, 2023)

Sugar free

by EVAN KRAFT / Spirit of Adventure
Bluefin fishing is full of highs and lows. Although we are seeing plenty of schools and have had opportunities, the bluefin bite has not been productive, no sugar coating. Everyday is different and we'll be here when they bite.
(More...) (Sunday, May 28, 2023)

Twilight Fishing

by DANA WHARF TEAM / Dana Wharf Sportfishing
Twilight fishing is heating up!
(More...) (Saturday, May 27, 2023)

Eldorado Reports

Capt TJ has been ON THE FISH! Yellowtail, seabass, rockfish, lingcod, and more!  The boat departs every night at 830 pm for Island Freelance fishing! $240 Monday-Thursday, and $265 Friday-Sunday, booked online!
(More...) (Saturday, May 27, 2023)

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