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Little by little

by TIM EKSTROM / Royal Star Sportfishing
Still in search of a big hit some action is far better than none. Opportunities were to be had but not without the usual "Crucible" obstacle course that so often bites into the hook to land ratio. And, surprisingly enough, a
(More...) (Tuesday, November 30, 2021)

3/4 day

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
Open Party 3/4 Day Trip  24 Anglers  240 Rockfish  99 Whitefish  6 Lingcod Call the landing at 805-963-3564 or book online at www.stardustsportfishing.com
(More...) (Tuesday, November 30, 2021)

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9 Day update

by TEAM SUPREME / Polaris Supreme
@seekerrods 9 Day update: Captain Aliyar called in with 83 Wahoo for their first couple days of fishing. With a boat full of happy anglers, they made a move to the Yellowfin zone. They have 96 Yellowfin Tuna to start their day.
(More...) (Tuesday, November 30, 2021)

Mixed Bag Action Today

by SHAWN STEWARD / Aloha Spirit Sportfishing
18 passengers 180 whitefish 136 rockfish 7 lingcod 2 sculpin
(More...) (Tuesday, November 30, 2021)

Seeker 10 Day

by BILL CAVANAUGH / Intrepid Sportfishing
Hi Gang, We departed on our annual Seeker 10 day yesterday morning under clear skies and with a beautiful load of bait. We are currently traveling south in nice weather. Last nights dinner was perfectly cooked prime rib thanks to our celebrity chef
(More...) (Tuesday, November 30, 2021)

Lake Jennings Fishing Report

by LAKE JENNINGS STAFF / Lake Jennings Staff
Stocking: The lake was stocked with 2000 pounds for the opener the week of November 15th. The next stocking will be this week just in time for New Moon Fishing on Saturday! Up to 1500 pounds will be stocked. We
(More...) (Tuesday, November 30, 2021)

Southern California Fisheries Closure Lifted

At 11:59 a.m. tomorrow the fisheries closure that was implemented following the Southern California oil spill will be lifted. Fishing can resume midday tomorrow.   The closure began on Oct. 3, 2021 and prohibited the take of all fish and shellfish from
(More...) (Tuesday, November 30, 2021)

8.28 lb. Rainbow

by HEMET LAKE STAFF / Hemet Lake
NOW THAT’S A TROUT! We think Lauren Fisher @badfisch_ may be a legit trout whisperer! She bested her personal best from earlier this month with this giant 8.28lb trout over the weekend. Color us impressed! Come on out and take home your own trophy
(More...) (Tuesday, November 30, 2021)

Light loads & good weather

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Stardust Sportfishing
Very light loads for Tuesday and Fridays 3/4 day trips, as well as Wednesdays 1/2 day trip. All are a go! Weather looks very nice this week. Please call the office 805-963-3564 or book directly from the website www.stardustsportfishing.com
(More...) (Monday, November 29, 2021)

Catfishing Has Been Good

by SANTA MARGARITA LAKE STAFF / Santa Margarita Lake
We had someone land a 10 lbs. bass this week. I heard of a bunch of people catching them while trolling with Flicker shad or soft plastic swimbaits. Catfishing was really good as well if you have time to wait.
(More...) (Monday, November 29, 2021)

Mirage Fish Count!

by JOE VILLAREAL / Mirage Sportfishing
Todays fish count! 22 anglers: 9 Lingcod, 145 Ocean Whitefish, 220 Rockfish
(More...) (Sunday, November 28, 2021)

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