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Great Quality - Ventura Sportfishing

by CRYSTAL YING / Ventura Sportfishing
We had some great quality fish today! We had 61 anglers in our fleet today. We had 220 Rockfish, 152 Whitefish, 41 White Seabass, 12 Calico Bass, 12 Lingcod, 11 Sculpin, 4 Sheephead, 2 Halibut, 1 Barracuda, and 1 Bonito!
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

Tough Day

by CRYSTAL YING / Ventura Sportfishing
We tried our best but we just couldn’t get them to take our bait! We had 22 anglers and ended the day at 65 Rockfish, 30 Whitefish, 12 Calico Bass, 10 Sculpin, 3 Sheephead, 1 Barracuda, and 1 Bonito. Book
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

Mirage Sportfishing Fish Count!

by JOE VILLAREAL / Mirage Sportfishing
Today's fish count!   19 anglers: 4 California Halibut, 1 California Yellowtail, 3 Lingcod, 4 Ocean Whitefish, 152 Rockfish, 14 White Seabass
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

Limits of really good grade Rockfish!

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
Open Party 3/4 Day Trip - Good afternoon folks. Started our morning fishing for seabass but we were unlucky to get a bite. After 2 hours of staring at fish on the meter and throwing everything we had at them we
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)


by AMERICAN ANGLER GANG / American Angler Sportfishing
The guys are still fishing and will be home 0530 in the morning Coffee will be on!  
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

Channel Islands Sportfishing Fish Count for: June 17, 2019

by CHANNEL ISLANDS SPORTFISHING / Channel Islands Sportfishing
Today’s Fish Count: 9 Boats and 184 Anglers. 939 Rockfish, 240 Whitefish, 7 Lingcod, 18 Sculpin, 2 Sheephead, 1 Bonito, 7 Barracuda, 4 Halibut, 14 Calico Bass, 2 Yellowtail, and 97 White Seabass. If you can cast, your chances of catching a
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

Afternoon bite

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Stardust Sportfishing
Heading in from a 1/2 day. We had calm seas all day. We had a slow morning but in 3rd and 4th quarter they started to bite. We caught a mix bag of fish reds and chucks and other rockfish.  Our
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

trip 197 Fiona vogl YT

by MATT KAULLEN / Independence Sportfishing
Beautiful girl, beautiful YT
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

White Seabass Are Biting

by SHAWN STEWARD / Aloha Spirit Sportfishing
Today’s fish count 16 anglers 25 white Seabass 1 bonito 1 calico bass Hopefully we can put another day together tomorrow.
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

Rush Creek Rainbows

Andrew age 6 did really well on Rush Creek with pink mice tails!!!
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

Yellowtail Bite

by ROYAL POLARIS CREW / Royal Polaris
Hello everyone;   Well the weather is coming down, and the bite continues on.  We had good Yellowtail fishing, with quality being the number one ticket today.  The anglers that could with stand the chill in the air last night, they
(More...) (Monday, June 17, 2019)

3.3 LB. BFEF

by BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR STAFF / Bridgeport Reservoir
Preston Clark of Antelope, CA got a taggy! 3.3 lbs When you catch a BFEF TAGGED TROPHY TROUT, take it to Ken's Sporting Goods for verification, bragging rights picture, and to collect a free entry into a BFEF tourney. BFEF TTT are
(More...) (Sunday, June 16, 2019)

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