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Channel Islands Sportfishing Daily Report: 6/3/20

by CHANNEL ISLANDS SPORTFISHING / Channel Islands Sportfishing
Today’s Fish Count: 8 Boats and 139 Anglers 350 Rockfish, 223 Whitefish, 119 Calico Bass, 61 Barracuda, 41 Yellowtail, 15 Sculpin, 14 White Seabass, 5 Blue Perch, 4 Lingcod, 3 Sheephead, and 2 Halibut. The surface action is heatin’ up! The fish
(More...) (Wednesday, June 3, 2020)

Mirage Fish Count!

by JOE VILLAREAL / Mirage Sportfishing
Todays fish count!   20 anglers: 3 Lingcod, 57 Ocean Whitefish, 162 Rockfish  We have trips coming up! You can check out our schedule at www.miragesportfishing.com
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Persistence Paid Off

by SHAWN STEWARD / Aloha Spirit Sportfishing
ALOT of driving and searching for a school today. Persistence paid off for us on a couple spots of fish and we managed to put a day together. 15 anglers 7 white seabass 9 yellowtail 18 calico bass 7 barracuda Between the sea lions and the
(More...) (Wednesday, June 3, 2020)

Tonights a go! Light load...

by GINA CAVANAUGH (VENTURA) / Pacific Dawn Sportfishing
Tonights a GO!  Fun day today, 100 whitefish, 97 rockfish, 3 halibut, & a Seabass. click here for direct link https://pacificdawn.fishingreservations.net/sales/ Todays charter of 15 had a blast on the water today. Everyday keeps getting better, let's go again!    pacificdawn.com
(More...) (Wednesday, June 3, 2020)

Solid day up the coast

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
We are checking in from another fantastic three-quarter day trip up the coast. We had fantastic fishing with great quality today. Once we finished up we tried a little bit shallow and threw on a few Whitefish and Sheepshead before
(More...) (Wednesday, June 3, 2020)

Fun 1/2 day

by JAMIE DIAMOND / Coral Sea Sportfishing
Heading in from our 1/2 day trip. We had perfect weather. There were a lot of families on board and caught a ton of fish. We caught mainly reds and a whitefish in the mix.  Our 30 anglers caught  168 rockfish  77 whitefish  1
(More...) (Wednesday, June 3, 2020)

Grant Lake Report

by DAN LENGNING / Dans Guide Service
Dans Guide Service checked in with us today from Grant lake. Fishing continues to be pretty good with Chris from San Diego catching 5 browns.
(More...) (Wednesday, June 3, 2020)

Opening Day at The Lake!

by CASITAS LAKE STAFF / Casitas Lake
Opening Day at the lake!!! Great fishing 🎣... Fernando Gonzalez caught two large bass!! Welcome back and nice job!!! 5 pounds and 5.68 pounds! #lakecasitasjuniorranger #lakecasitas #bassfishing
(More...) (Wednesday, June 3, 2020)

Tackle Talk Live Recap

by TEAM SEARCHER / Searcher Sportfishing
Our 6th Tackle Talk Livewas a hit. We talked all things surface irons! We talked all about the must-have for your tackle box for surface irons. We had a lot of fun and even better questions. We have tons more tackle tips. For
(More...) (Wednesday, June 3, 2020)

Twin Lakes Weekly Report

by TWIN LAKES RESORT STAFF / Twin Lakes Resort
Week of 5/30-6/6 Fishing on lower twin has proven tricky for some and plentiful for others. With the freshly planted trophy size rainbows from desert springs fish hatchery, Trolling the east end is proving best for anglers,like Cameron from canyon country,
(More...) (Tuesday, June 2, 2020)


by BILL CAVANAUGH / Intrepid Sportfishing
The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted today in favor of re-opening the San Diego Sportfishing fleet. This motion now moves to Governor Gavin Newsom for his approval. We are all hoping for the green light to run sometime
(More...) (Tuesday, June 2, 2020)

Cobra Tuesday Report

by CHRIS HANSON / Cobra Charters
The Cobra out of Channel Islands Sportfishing in Oxnard, CA checked in with with us today.  10 anglers on board finished with 70 Whitefish, 45 Rockfish, 8 Calico Bass, 5 Sculpin, 3 Sheephead, 2 Barracuda, 1 Yellowtail. Please call Channel Islands Sportfishing Center
(More...) (Tuesday, June 2, 2020)

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