Catch and Release Largemouth Bass

Lake Skinner - Temecula, CA (Riverside County)

Largemouth Bass
Tyler Tool 4-14-2019 Temecula, Ca. LargeMouth Bass 4Ilbs Bait Used ~ Senko Launch Ramp 2 RELEASED!
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Lake Skinner Staff

by Lake Skinner Marina Staff
(951) 926-8515

Lake Skinner staff checked in with us today with 2 recent bass catches from a father and son duo. Check out the pictures!

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The water temperature is 66-67 degrees. Striper: Low Action: Stripers have been few and far between lately with anglers working hard to put a handful of bites other. The few fish we have seen come out have been on chicken liver as usual. Blue Gill: Medium Action: A decent amount of field have been biting mini jigs tipped with mealworms as well as the small rapalas. Catfish: Low Action: slow for cats, only a few reported this past week. Large Mouth: High Action: Many...... Read More

The water temperature is 62 degrees. Striper: Slow Action: Stripers are by the inlet but North of it also… can be caught on chicken liver and lures. Blue Gill: Slow Action: Blue gill can be found in 8-10 feet of water using mini-jigs, crickets and night crawlers over across from the marina. Catfish: Medium Action: Catfish are getting active with the water warming up . Anglers have been successful this week catching cats over in ramp 2 area, bait that have been success...... Read More