Trout Bite Remains High

Big Bear Lake - Big Bear Lake, CA (San Bernardino County)

15y.o. Izaiah Ramirez was using this "Bait and Wait" method when he hooked into this 3.17lb Rainbow. This is the second big catch for Izaiah in as many months. Earlier this season Izaiah made the pages of Western Outdoor News with a beautiful 4+lb Rainbow.
Photo Credit: Courtesy of Big Bear Sporting Goods

by Big Bear Sporting Goods

The Trout bite remains in high gear on Big Bear Lake. With May's colder weather patterns we are seeing vacillating water temperatures Lake wide.

The East End of Big Bear Lake near Stanfield cutoff is the area most affected by the dramatic rise and fall of air temperatures. And while lake water levels continue to climb the fact remains that the East end of Big Bear Lake is still the "Shallow End of the Pool" and water temps are more affected when weather patterns shift.

Our Rainbow Trout population thrives in 55 degree waters. That means we are seeing a Rainbow "migration " to the deeper waters of the West End of our blue jewel over the past 2 weeks.

From Windy Point to the Buoy Line offers a more constant water temp of 56 on the surface to 54 on the bottom.

Dissolved Oxygen levels range from 6 to 8 parts per million in this area and since that means no oxy or thermal clines to hold the trout in a specific column of water, shoreline and boating anglers are enjoying "tight lines and full stringers".

Generally speaking, Big Bear Lake's Rainbow Trout's peak feeding activity occurs during the early morning hours (before the winds kick up and temps are still down) and then again in the late afternoon and evening hours (after the winds settle down and temps begin to drop). Traditionally, the most productive Spring baits tend to be Power Baits in bright colors and flavored with Corn, Cheese and Garlic scents fished on a Carolina Rig with a 2-3 foot leader. Berkley "Mice Tails" are another popular "fare of choice" for Big Bear Lake's "High Altitude Pink Meats". The preferred colors are Chartreuse and Red, Orange and White/Silver, as well as Pink and White. Whether Fished as a Jig (Early Morning, 5-8am near the Buoy Line) or like a dough bait on a Carolina Rig.

Shoreline anglers who wish to use live bait like Nightcrawlers should try and fish near inlets where rain and snow water run-off occurs. But remember to keep them off the bottom by inflating them with air to yield the best results and avoid having their "Garden Hackle" stolen by the lake's pesky little Gobies and Crawdads.

Boaters on the Troll should be 2 to 3 colors in depth ( 8 to 12 feet) hitting the circuits on the south shore, Trout Alley or running west from the M.W.D.’s West Public Launch Facility west to the Buoy Line near the Dam. Trolling Anglers that tow Rapalas in Perch, Shad and Trout patterns or Small YoZuri Pin’s Minnow in Pink have brought some beautiful Pink Meats to the boat. The “Go To” spoons are Copper, Gold with a splash of red or orange highlights as found in Needlefish, Kast Masters, and Thomas Buoyants.

Now that June is just a few days away anglers can look forward to registering for the Big Bear Visitors Bureau annual "Fishin' For 50K" tournament slated for June 8th and 9th 2019. For registration information visit their website BIGBEAR.COM or call 800-424-4232.

We continue to see some Large and Small Mouth Bass being plucked from their structure on Crank, Swim and Jigs with trailers but with water temps still below 58 degrees the bite is consistently inconsistent.

Call Steve and the "Fishin Guys" at BBSG (909-866-3222) for the latest Water and Fishing conditions and make certain to stop by the shop to gear up before heading out.

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