Awesome fishing at the Channel Islands

Photo Credit: Stardust

by Jamie Diamond
(805) 886-0454

Heading in from a 3/4 day at the Islands. We had perfect weather all day and really good fishing. We had a verity of reds, chucks, and a good mix of nice fish. 

Our 37 anglers caught 
370 rockfish 
15 whitefish 
12 lingcod 
5 sheephead 

The Coral Sea has a very light load 1/2 day Tomorrow. The Stardust is 1/2 day Monday-Wednesday and the Coral Sea is 3/4 day. Please make reservations ahead of time from the website or call the SEA Landing 805-963-3564

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Captains Jason Diamond
Sal Silva
Sea Landing
Santa Barbara, CA

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