Channel Islands Sportfishing Fish Count for: June 9, 2019

by Channel Islands Sportfishing
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Today’s Fish Count: 10 Boats and 267 Anglers.

1,738 Rockfish, 635 Whitefish, 40 Lingcod, 44 Sheephead, 48 Sculpin, 3 Sand Bass, 26 Calico Bass, 3 Barracuda, 2 Halibut, and 6 White Seabass.

Yet another beautiful day on the water here at the Channel Islands. In fact, we have been blessed with a streak of good days, but the weekend was the best as far as weather goes. Sunshine from start to finish, with warm air temps and ever warming sea temperatures. The fishing was again solid for Rockfish, Whitefish, and other tasty bottom species, but the gamefish we work so hard to put our anglers on didn’t cooperate. Seeing them is one thing, but coaxing them to bite is another. We will be back at it Monday and every other day this week. Stay tuned, and if you can, come join us on the hunt!

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*All boats are independently owned & operated*

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