Channel Islands Sportfishing Fish Count for: July 20, 2019

by Channel Islands Sportfishing
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Today’s Fish Count: 10 Boats and 238 Anglers.

208 White Seabass, 253 Calico Bass, 4 Sand Bass, 2 Halibut, 5 Barracuda, 17 Sculpin, 19 Sheephead, 9 Lingcod, 410 Whitefish, and 1,114 Rockfish.

It didn’t happen at first light, but at about 8 o’clock the seabass put on a show. The outer islands have been on fire this year first catching Yellowtail, now limit style Seabass fishing. As many of you know, White Seabass are the hardest fish to chase, earning themselves the nickname “the elusive ghost”. On the local scene, bass fishing has been awesome. While Yellowtail and White Seabass get all the glory, the Calico Bass fishing here at the Channel Islands is quietly becoming a staple in our daily fish count. Round out a day catching Rockfish and Whitefish, local island fishing has also been great this year. It really seems no matter what trip you pick, you cant go wrong!

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