Channel Islands Sportfishing Fish Count for: July 28, 2019

by Channel Islands Sportfishing
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Today’s Fish Count: 10 Boats and 275 Anglers.

1,028 Rockfish, 1,126 Whitefish, 39 Sheephead, 19 Sculpin, 5 Lingcod, 18 Perch, 1 White Seabass, 7 Yellowtail, 32 Bonito, 63 Barracuda, and 260 Calico Bass.

Judging by the counts, all the boats fished the kelp or over shallow reefs. There are spots out there that are a one stop shop. While on the anchor, anglers can flyline baits off the stern and catch Calico Bass, Barracuda, and Yellowtail. Anglers fishing up the sides can drop straight down with a 4oz weight or heavy sliding sinker and catch Whitefish, Perch, and shallow water species of Rockfish. Most anglers this time of year are looking for topwater species that like to bite the jig. Fishing the bow is the best place to cast your irons and other artificial jigs. On the bow, there is not only a lot of room for casting, but also most of the other anglers are toward the back of the boat, reducing the chances of crossing lines is dramatically reduced. With the water warming up several degrees over the weekend, hopefully the Yellowtail and Barracuda will go off!

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*All boats are independently owned & operated*

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