Channel Islands Sportfishing, August 3rd 2019

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Today’s Fish Count: 9 Boats and 186 Anglers.

890 Rockfish, 579 Whitefish, 14 Sheephead, 25 Lingcod, 4 Sculpin, 11 Perch, 22 Barracuda, 7 Bonito, 1 Yellowtail, 1 White Seabass, 3 Halibut, 4 Sand Bass, and 136 Calico Bass.

Bass fishing continues to be excellent for those that put in the time. They are biting plastics, live bait, and even surface iron. There are many other fish that may be caught while targeting Calico Bass. There haven’t been many lately, but Yellowtail are always a challenge on bass setups. Barracuda and Bonito are another fish you may see at the end of your line while bass fishing. Staying shallow, all the boats are putting themselves in a situation to multitask. While some may be fishing the stern flylining baits or throwing jigs, other will be up the sides and dropping to the bottom with a 4 ounce weight and a dropper loop. This is why so many Whitefish, Sheephead, and Perch are being caught on these trips. The only boats that have been fishing the deep water seem to be the overnight boats. They fish the outer islands where the Rockfish are huge, and will eat a heavy jig almost as well as bait on a hook. For these trips anglers will need to step up the tackle by bringing heavier weights and bigger hooks. The outer island boats generally deal with more current which can require a sinker up to 16 ounces. Even while fishing shallow for White Seabass or Halibut, they are using 8 ounce torpedo weights. No matter the trip, you’re going to have a good time. All the boats are catching fish and lots of them!

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