Channel Islands Sportfishing, August 6, 2019

by Channel Islands Sportfishing
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Today’s Fish Count: 6 Boats and 121 Anglers.

388 Rockfish, 269 Whitefish, 16 Sheephead, 3 Lingcod, 4 Halibut, 135 Perch, 12 Bonito, 2 Barracuda, 149 Calico Bass, and 7 Yellowtail.

Boats are still fishing very shallow, less than 100 feet many times. Over shallow reefs or just outside the kelp beds, the boats are able to catch a variety of species. Anything from Yellowtail and Barracuda, to Calico Bass or Whitefish. Some of these spots are a virtual one stop shop, able to catch all of these species without moving. Just depends on if your flylining a bait, throwing a jig, or dropping to the bottom. It’s warm, the fishing’s good, and the galley burgers are amazing! If you haven’t been in a while, it’s time to dust off that gear and catch some fish with us!

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*All boats are independently owned & operated*

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