Striper in High Action at Lake Skinner

Lake Skinner - Temecula, CA (Riverside County)

by Lake Skinner Marina Staff
(951) 926-8515

First Trout stock will be this Wednesday, the 6th. Blue Gill: low action. Still a decent and fun fish to target. Skinner is known for large panfish. Try minijigs and mealworms!

Catfish: Medium action. Chicken liver is almost always the best bet for catfish although worms and anchovies can also be a good option. Fish are usually near the inlet or Ramp 2.

Striper: HIGH ACTION. Several teener stripers caught this weekend. All on artificial lures such as Jerkbaits and A Rigs. Try trolling the main lake as a productive and efficient way to cover water. Always keep an eye out for boils.

Large Mouth: Medium Action. Bass have also been caught while blowing up on bait this week. Try walking baits in the early morning or closer to dusk. Jerkbaits have also been very effective this week.

Trout: First plant is coming this week.

Carp: Low action, big carp ready to catch, easy and fun. Use your favorite carp dough balls, along the banks or under heavy cover.

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TROUT SEASON IS APPROACHING!!!    The water temperature is 67-68 degrees. Water is going down and fall turnover conditions allow fish to go deeper, where most likely they will remain for winter. Blue Gill: low action, try fishing mini jigs along reed lines throughout the lake. Crickets also work very well. Tipping a mini jig with a worm or cricket is also a good tactic. Catfish: Medium action: cut bait, chicken liver and anchovies work… catfish like to bunch up in the fall/winter months....... Read More

The water temperature is 76 degrees.  Striper: Medium Action: Striper boils early morning hours over by the dam and east end. The cut bait bite is still pretty slow.  Blue Gill: Slow Action: This week there has been reports of blue gill over across the marina using meal worms and wax worms. Catfish: High Action: This week there has been plenty of cats being caught over at ramp 2 and the inlet, hitting on chicken livers, mackerels, and night crawlers. Large Mouth: Medium Action:...... Read More