Fun, breezy day

Photo Credit: Stardust

by Jamie Diamond
(805) 886-0454

Good afternoon heading in from a 3/4 day trip to SRI. Our weather was very breezy and bumpy all day but definitely fishable. Despite funky conditions we manage to put on really nice fish throughout the day reds chucks and a few super groupers . 
Our 30 anglers caught 
110 reds 
100 chucks 
11 rockfish 
16 lingcod
We are a go 1/2 day fishing Monday-Wednesday with plenty of room. Make reservations ASAP from the website or call the landing 805-963-3564

If you would like to go fishing with us please BOOK ONLINE or call (805) 963-3564 to get in on the action

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Captains Jason Diamond
Sal Silva
Sea Landing
Santa Barbara, CA

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