Channel Islands Sportfishing Sun 01-12-2020

by Channel Islands Sportfishing
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Today’s Fish Count: 2 Boats and 64 Anglers

17 Calico Bass, 4 Sand Bass, 1 Sculpin, and 9,500 Sand Dabs.

Beautiful weather again today for fishing the Channel Islands. Two boats out today doing different style trips. The Gentleman had a ¾ day bass trip, and the Speed Twin did an extended ½ day fishing Sand Dabs. The Speed Twin obviously hit the Dab download button coming back with just shy of 10 thousand. The Gentleman on the other hand had a light load on its bass trip. The dock total may look tougher day but it’s still fun when you release almost 200 short Calico’s. Those trips are not really about how much is in your bag, but about how much fun you had!

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*All boats are independently owned & operated*
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