Channel Islands Sportfishing Sat. 02-01-2020

by Channel Islands Sportfishing
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Today’s Fish Count: 1 Boats and 21 Anglers

2,000 Sand Dabs

Saturday almost summer like weather making it probably the nicest day so far this year. The Gentleman was out on a Sand Dab trip with a modest 21 anglers aboard. Captain Adam Rowell was at the helm and put together some great drifts in the deep water. Fishing deep can be work but it’s often rewarding when leaders come up full. Usually when a fisherman sees someone else with an electric reel there first though may be its overkill, but by the end of the day someone’s got an electric assist reel in an online shopping cart. Having the right setup can make all the difference no matter what kind of fishing. It often increases performance and makes deep water fishing much easier. Ideally, a two speed reel would be great but a fully spooled reel filled with #65 braid is almost a must. These Sand Dab trips can put up some big numbers and passengers are sometimes surprised by the amount of fish they caught. These trips will be on the open schedule only a little while longer, so time is short.

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