Lake Skinner Fishing Report

Lake Skinner - Temecula, CA (Riverside County)

by Lake Skinner Marina Staff
(951) 926-8515

Striped Bass: Stripers still biting in high numbers on cut bait near the dam as well as the middle of the east end. Private boaters have been able to get in some last minute boil action. Keep an eye out for boiling fish about 30 min before closing.

Bluegill: Bite has slowed significantly. Try mini jigs or pieces of worm for best results.

Catfish: Slight uptick on number of cats caught this week. Still a smaller grade of fish being caught.

Largemouth Bass: Anglers reported very solid fishing on a variety of baits and tactics. Keep an eye out for fish cruising the shallows. Top water action is on the rise!

Trout: No Action

Carp: No action to be reported.

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