Lake Skinner Fishing Report

Lake Skinner - Temecula, CA (Riverside County)

by Lake Skinner Marina Staff
(951) 926-8515

Striped Bass: Try chicken liver or other cut baits near the dam and inlet. Always keep an eye out for boiling schools. Use top water lures or jerk baits for foaming fish. Trolling can also be a very productive task.

Bluegill: We recommend bringing crickets and fly lining them in the east end. Another excellent bait is a whole mealworm or nightcrawler. Some people have decent success on Panther Martins etc. 

Catfish: Use chicken liver or other cut bait near the inlet if you have access or the same baits all over the Ramp 2 area. It is fairly easy to have a productive day fishing for cats. Make sure your line doesn’t go slack while soaking bait. 

Largemouth Bass: Definitely the most popular bite as of late. Fish are being taken on just about every conventional bass fishing lure/bait. Drop shooting a worm can be a great choice was well as looking for that top water blow up in the morning!

Trout: No Action

Carp: No action to be reporte

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Striped Bass: Some boils are still being reported after hours, unfortunately they have been pretty short. Most anglers have been having more success by using fly lined chicken livers. Some fish are being taken on top water lures as well. Bluegill: Not much news to be reported. As usual the most effective baits are worms, mealworms, and crickets. Tip a jog or even drop shot. Catfish: Another solid week of cat fishing. Large numbers of quality fish being reported on just about...... Read More