Lake Skinner Fishing Report

Lake Skinner - Temecula, CA (Riverside County)

by Lake Skinner Marina Staff
(951) 926-8515

Striped Bass: Many anglers choosing to soak bait down at the inlet have had mixed results. Some reporting only smaller grade stripers being taken while others have had much better things to say. Sardines, anchovies and night crawlers have been working best!

Bluegill: Slow action for bluegill this past week. Can always put a few on the deck by using any type of worm or cricket. Tip a mini jig for best results.

Catfish: Catfish have slowed way down, however first stock of catfish was May 7th, second stock will be May 21st so they should be picking up soon. Use chicken liver, anchovies, mackerel or chicken liver on the bottom throughout the lake but especially near Ramp 2 or the inlet area.

Largemouth Bass: Slow action for these largemouth, still some to be had, must have lots of patients sit & wait game. Ika’s and ned rigs have been very effective the last few days. Many people reporting cruising thorughout the lake.

Trout: No action, last stock fo trout plants was March 23rd do the trout season is over.

Carp: No action

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Striped Bass: Decent action on cut bait at the dam and inlet. Anglers have also had decent luck motoring around looking for school of six barely subsurface. Bluegill: Crickets have been the most effective bait this week although anglers have had good action catching spawning gills on mini jigs. Catfish: Very slow action for catfish this week. Catfish stocking will begin on May 7th & May 21st. Largemouth Bass: Slower side on the number of fish coming to anglers on simple baits such...... Read More

Striped Bass: Anchovies, Sardines or cut bait down by the buoy line and inlet area will work best for these beauties, nightcralwers are also working well this past week. Bluegill: On the slower side this past week. Far & few between but still some anglers have gotten lucky. Mini jigs tipped with a mealworm or crickets are still the most productive way. Catfish: Catfish have been slow, however Catfish stocking should start soon. Use chicken liver, anchovies, mackerel & nightcrawlers on the...... Read More