YELLOWTAIL FISHING!!! SPITFIRE constantly getting Yellows for this whole week now. Today they got 9 Tails, 55 Bonito, 1 Mako Shark, & 13 Calico. For your reservation call Redondo Sportfishing @ (310)372-2111


Captain Jeremy Maltz
Marina Del Rey Sportfishing
Marina Del Rey, CA

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YELLOWTAIL TURNED ON!!! SPITFIRE had a terrific Yellowtail fishing today. They hooked up 54 Tails along with mixed bags. Call now for your reservation at Redondo Sportfishing @ (310)372-2111...... Read More

TERRIFIC 3/4 DAY TRIP!!! SPITFIRE with 35 Anglers got 49 Yellowtail,165 Bonito & released a Black Seabass. Put your reservation now at Redondo Sportfishing @ (310)372-2111...... Read More