White Seabass on the Pacific Eagle

by John Thompson
(805) 676-3474

With the White Seabass caught last Wednesday, I had to get sick on Thursday and the Dr recommended that ocean air was the only cure. So I called VENTURA SPORTFISHING and snagged a spot on the PACIFIC EAGLE for a 4am departure. We had around 20 anglers on the boat and our plan was to head for Anacapa where the bite was yesterday, Capt Mike Ming was in the wheelhouse, with Frenchie on the deck and Erica in the galley. After our safety briefing I headed down below to get in a power nap, yes the Pacific Eagle has bunks available for day trips. I heard the engines wind down and was up on deck in no time, and what a sight it was, the word was out and it looked like every boat in southern California was in the area. Capt mike picked a spot and we dropped down in hopes of getting a White Seabass, we had several siwings and misses and we managed to hook a few batrays and barracuda. Finally after about an hour 2 lucky anglers hooked into the right kind and we soon had 2 on the deck, we tried for another hour or so and then Capt Mike announced that we were going to run over to Santa Cruz and try our luck there. With all the baot traffic around the bite had pretty much shut down, it was time for another power nap for the run over to the next spot. When we arrived at our destination there was only a couple other boats in the area, and we soon had a couple more hook ups. We ended the day with 6 White Seabass and several barracuda. It was a great day of fishing with an awesome crew, who did everything they could to ensure we all had a great time. To get in on the action aboard the Pacific Eagle, give them a call and book your spot at 805-676-3474. Being able to get in a power nap on the way out and on the way back in is an added bonus on a day boat.

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Pacific Eagle

Captains Mike Mings & Sean Fitze
Ventura Harbor Sportfishing
Ventura, CA

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